VADO is a leading British bathroom brassware manufacturer providing high quality taps, showers, accessories and fittings to customers across the globe. quality All of our products are passed through stringent quality assurance processes to ensure that they reach the exacting standards that allow us to offer our 12 year guarantee. service We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service throughout the entire buying process, from initial query, through to delivery and aftersales care. design Our products range from traditional mixers, shower valves and accessories to contemporary designs including waterfall style spouts, handle options in different colours and materials and products that use the latest digital control technology. Our global presence ensures we remain at the cutting edge of international design trends. innovation We have a team of people dedicated to developing product ranges that innovate in their form and function. We design products that not only look great but are easy to install, maintain and minimise environmental impact. VADO’s strict manufacturing processes ensure our products can be guaranteed for 12 years, giving peace of mind to all customers.


VADO’s passion for progressive product innovation ensures that all product designs are developed to use water sustainably and deliver the best possible user experience. Using VADO’s industry leading H2Eco flow regulators, you can help to protect the environment whilst effectively reducing your carbon footprint. Save water. Save money. Save the planet.

Save Water

VADO’s H2Eco regulators are designed to regulate and control the flow of water to taps and showers without hampering the performance or the design of the product, allowing you to save water in style. VADO H2Eco products can save up to 80% water usage.

Save Money

In an average household, VADO's H2Eco products can save up to £360 per year on utility bills.

In commercial developments the savings are even greater. After installing VADO’s H2Eco flow regulators in one hotel, the Marriott Hotel group saved almost 41,000 litres of water with an annual reduction of almost £38,000.