Digital showers are the latest innovation in shower design and technology, offering features such as precise temperature control and wireless control units that can be installed elsewhere in your bathroom. What is a digital shower? A digital shower is a shower which has a digital thermostat on board. This enables you to set a precise water temperature, helping you achieve your perfect shower. Hot and cold water flows into the shower’s processing unit and is mixed together to the desired temperature. Because the water temperature is controlled by a thermostat you won’t get any nasty temperature spikes when someone turns the cold tap on in the kitchen.

Digital showers work in a similar way to mixer showers but the temperatures are more accurate. They also offer a range of features, such as touchscreens, LCD displays and wireless connectivity. Who are digital showers suitable for?

Unlike some shower types (power showers, for example), digital showers are compatible with all types of heated water system. So providing you have a boiler or immersion heater in your home, you can have a digital shower.  Digital showers work with all kinds of water systems so you can have one in your bathroom. What features do digital showers have? Most models allow you to pre-programme your preferred temperature, so you get your ideal shower at the touch of a button and without having to constantly adjust a temperature control dial. Other mod-cons include touchscreen displays or colour-coded lighting systems that let you know when the water has reached the desired temperature. If you buy a digital shower with wireless or Bluetooth connectivity you can install the control unit up to 10 metres away, which means you can switch it on and get the water hot before stepping in, or place it at a height that’s convenient for you. Some models can even be controlled via your mobile phone