Why Choose Cleargreen?

Built Stronger to withstand 2.3 tonnes
Retains heat 30 minutes longer than a standard bath
10 year guarantee
The use encapsulated recycled composite baseboards which is stronger and greener than chipboard
They also use re-inforced quality lucite acrylic

The Britton Cleargreen baths bring superb design and a wide range choice of size and model configuration to meet your requirements from standard baths to specially made shower baths each using at least 30% recycled materials.


ClearGreen baths use encapsulated recycled composite baseboards.

It’s stronger than chipboard - and it’s greener too!

ClearGreen baths use reinforced quality Lucite acrylic

ClearGreen microsphere particles for extra strength

Standard baths use chipboard baseboards

Guarantee against any manufacturing defects - 10 Years