From helping you find the right shower to buying  spare parts and even cold weather advice, our friendly team of shower experts in Westerham, UK are on standby to help. Aqualisa always aims to provide the right outcome for our customers with TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) being an integral part of our business culture.  Working in partnership with Kent Trading Standards under the primary Authority scheme to prove our commitment to regulatory compliance and trading fairly.


Total Control

All Aqualisa smart showers feature temperature-ready indication, which means you don't need to keep checking to see when your shower is ready. With remote control, you won't get a cold wet arm in the process. A simple on/off and the ability to divert to a second outlet mean that you have complete control so that nothing spoils your perfect shower.

Remote Control

The digital era made the remote control possible, and you will wonder how you ever managed without one. It starts your shower remotely so you only ever need to step in when it’s temperature-ready. We now call this smart showering.


We are shower experts and know a thing or two about shower heads. Our new Vita™ handset has been designed to maximise the experience from our latest Quartz Smart Valve™ and our Harmony™ head is an established partner to much of the smart shower range. There are drencher heads to suit all bathroom sizes & styles. From 200mm in the core range up to 400mm with LED lighting in the premier collection. Aqualisa smart showers also feature Pinch-grip slider™ handset holders for easy one-handed operation


Better By Design

Since 1977 Aqualisa has led the way in showering technology innovation. In 2001, we made the UK’s first ever digital shower. Today, we are recognised leaders in smart showers bringing together the best of precision engineering, electronics and in-house design.


Simple Installations

So simple that we call it Fit & Forget. The Aqualisa smart valve, the brain of our smart showers, can be sited remotely in a loft, the airing cupboard or even under the bath. Fitting can take a few hours rather than a whole day.

Smart Bathing

If you can have a new bath, let it be a smart bath. Once you set it, it will fill up and automatically stop filling at the temperature and level at which you set it, making constant checking a thing of the past. Great for your family, and great for you

Multiple Outlets

We think two heads are better than one. Aqualisa mixer valves are available in a huge range of combinations, including twin outlet systems with two shower heads. Our customers enjoy the choice between a large, immersive/indulgent drencher head with the flexibility/usefulness of a handset, especially when negotiating the hair washing routine.

Bath Fill

Just like our Smart Digital showers, Aqualisa mixer showers offer a range of bathfill options. These include 'deck' mounted bar valves such as Midas, the Aquamixer valve which features Aqualisa's thermocoil technology, or a Bath overflow filler with the Dream DCV. Showers over a bath area a convienient way to maximise the investment of a quality shower installation, with the convience on one set of controls and all the accosiated thermostatic performance that comes from the Aqualisa shower valve.

Electric Showers On Demand

The beauty of an electric shower is that it only heats the water being used, saving money on heating. It is a convenient option for a second bathroom because electric showers don't require hot water from a tank. It is always ready. The only plumbing required is a cold water feed.

Aqualisa Design

Aqualisa Lumi is all about maximizing the visual impact of your bathroom environment. A reflective glass mirror with integrated LED panels help to bounce light around the room creating the illusion of extra space. The brightness of the LED's can be adjusted to your preference, allowing you brighten up even the dullest of mornings

Aqualisa Mixer Showers

Showers for all. Aqualisa offer a wide range of mixer showers, whether you're driven by style, space or budget you'll find your ideal solution

Bar Valves

Simple, reliable and easy to fit. Our Midas range offers class leading features including cool touch technology, divert and ..... range of heads.

Dual Concentric Valves (DCV)

Where style meets substance. Dual Concentric Valves (DCV) sit flush in your wall with simple elegant temperature and flow control dials.

Concentric Valves

Aqualisa's range of concentric vlaves can also sit flush in your wall for minimum visual impact. Alternatively they can be mounted on the wall in either contemporary or tradional Victorian stlying, allowing you reasssuring quality and performance whatever your preference.

Multi Award Winner

Quartz Electric, Aqualisa's award winning electric shower is neat and compact. It features a large temperature control dial and a soft touch power button, making it easy to use for all ages and abilities.

Perfect Finishes

Quality and quantity, Q™ Edition offers a choice of five metal accent rings for the Q™ Edition controller and Vita handset shower head. Infinia™ offers the ability to personalise your shower controller through an offering of round, square or "abstract" control dials. All Premier Collection showers offer the option to either configure your shower in a showroom, or purchase pre-selected options packs of Aqualisa's most popular bundles.


Aqualisa Premier collection allows you to personalise your selection of shower heads, fixed drencher heads, hand shower or bathfill. There's a wide selection of contemporary, minimal design options to suit your bathroom space, in round and square styles.


Aqualisa was founded through innovating shower technology back in 1976 and it hasn't stopped since.